Rodolfo Nogueira Soares Ribeiro
Rodolfo Nogueira

Rodolfo Nogueira


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About Me

I am Brazilian. I reconstruct extinct animals, so I am a paleoartist. I've been also working since 1998 with various illustation techniques as color pencil, graphite, gouache, oil, watercolor, digital illustration, 3D modeling, animation and sculpture. I am undergraduated in Graphic Design at Universidade Estadual Paulista-UNESP.
With the soul of a biologist, I never left the infant stage of liking dinosaurs. As an undergraduate I have developed a methodology to illustrate prehistoric animals with the detailed study of functional morphology, ecology and environment.

Scientific papers

Paleodesign: uma nova proposta metodológica e terminológica aplicada à reconstituição em vida de espécies fósseis.
The Briefing in Paleodesign: selection and arrangement of data for the reconstruction of text


IV Concurso de Ilustraciones Científicas de Dinosaurios 2012- 1st Prize: Masiakasaurus
7° CIID 2011- Honorable Mention: Uberabasuchus and Titanosauridae; 3rd Place: Palaeolama nidae
Paleoart International contest (IPIC 2011)-3rd Place: Psaronius; Public vote: Uberabatitan
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